As the regulator of engineering in Ontario, it’s PEO’s role to assure the public that licensed practitioners are competent to practise in their chosen discipline, and that they are taking responsibility for the outcomes of their work.

PEO protects and serves the public by ensuring all licensed professional engineers are qualified – and by licensing all who qualify.

Become a Professional Engineer

Application process and requirements for prospective applicants.

Pre-May 15 Applicants

Application process for applicants who applied before May 15, 2023

P.Eng. transfers from another Canadian engineering regulator

Applicants who are licensed as professional engineers in good standing with another Canadian engineering regulator/ordre should apply by completing the professional engineer (P.Eng.) licence application.

Licence Reinstatement

Applicants who have been previously licensed by PEO may have their licences reinstated by taking these steps.

Certificate of Authorization

In Ontario, professional engineers who provide engineering services directly to the public must have a PEO Certificate of Authorization (C of A).

Consulting Engineer Designation

PEO's "consulting engineer" designation helps promote recognition of engineers in independent practice. Only a member who has been designated as a consulting engineer by PEO can use the restricted title “consulting engineer.”

Limited Licence

A limited licence is issued to an individual who, as a result of at least eight years of specialized experience, has developed competence in a certain area of professional engineering.

Temporary Licence

The temporary licence is issued on a project and discipline basis for a maximum period of twelve months from approval.


Your rights as an applicant

To serve and protect the public interest, PEO licenses only qualified practitioners using registration practices that are fair, objective, impartial and transparent.

Fair Practices

As a professional regulator in Ontario, PEO acts in accordance with the Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act (FARPACTA).