Complaints and Illegal Practice

PEO investigates all complaints brought to it about unlicensed, unprofessional, inadequate, or incompetent engineering services. It also takes action against unlicensed individuals who illegally describe themselves as engineers.

Make a Complaint/Report Illegal Practice


Make a Complaint

In order to protect the public, the PEO investigates complaints against licence holders for failure to meet their professional and ethical obligations as set out in Professional Engineers Act.

Report Illegal Practice

PEO also investigates complaints against individuals who are not licence holders and who are illegally practising engineering or using titles that are restricted to members.

Complaints Against Licensed Engineers or Companies

Consistent with PEO’s regulatory mandate, the complaints process is intended to deal with the actions and conduct of practitioners, to ensure the public interest is served and protected.

Report Unlicensed Individuals or Companies

Enforcement is legal action PEO takes against individuals or entities who practise engineering without a licence, or offer engineering services without holding a Certificate of Authorization (C of A).