Tribunals and Hearings

PEO has four bodies that deal with disputes resolution and hearings, ranging from hearing allegations of professional misconduct to mediating fee disputes between licence holders and clients.

Types of Tribunals 

PEO's mandate, as described in the Professional Engineers Act, is to ensure that the public is protected and that individuals and companies providing engineering services uphold a strict code of professional ethics and conduct. Among other regulatory activities, PEO protects and serves the public by conducting disputes resolution and hearings.


The Discipline Committee (DIC) hears and determines allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against licence holders.

Fees Mediations

The Fees Mediation Committee (FMC) deals with fee disputes between PEO licence and Certificate of Authorization holders and their clients.


The Registration Committee (REC) conducts formal hearings between the Registrar and applicants for licensure.

Complaints Review Councillor

A complainant may apply to the Complaints Review Councillor (CRC) for a review of the treatment of the complaint after a decision has been made by the Complaints Committee.