Practice Advice Resources and Guidelines

Providing practice advice resources fulfils PEO’s regulatory obligations under the PEA to establish, maintain and develop standards of practice.

PEO offers a variety of practice advice resources to assist licence holders in providing professional and ethical engineering services. PEO’s practice advisory team is also available to help licence holders with issues related to professional practice and to verify their responsibilities under the Professional Engineers Act (PEA).


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Practice Guidelines

Practice guidelines provide advice and recommendations on engineering best practices, specifically around performing engineering work in accordance with the PEA. Practice guidelines define the roles and responsibilities of practitioners, and advice on the expectations of licence holders practising in a particular area.

Practice Bulletins

Practice bulletins provide professional advice on urgent issues, as well as guidance on what is expected of PEO licence holders. Bulletins are also used to provide interpretations or to supplement or update existing guidelines.

Performance Standards

Performance standards provide benchmarks to help practitioners determine the expected level of service.

Practice Articles

Practice articles appear in Engineering Dimensions magazine, PEO’s official publication. These articles provide licence holders with general information on current practice issues.

Most Common Practice Advice Topics

Guidance on the proper use of the professional engineer’s seal can be found in the PEO practice guideline.


Best practices for licence holders dealing with ethical issues.


Guidance on the professionally acceptable manner in which to review the work of another licence holder.


PEO’s practice advisory team welcomes questions from licence holders on professional practice issues and their responsibilities under the PEA. If you have a practice question that is not addressed by PEO’s guidelines, bulletins or standards please contact our practice advisory team.

PEO’s practice advisory team is also available to visit organizations and deliver presentations on practice issues.

Contact PEO’s Practice Advisory Team for Advice

[email protected]

Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

40 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 101, Toronto, ON, M2N 6K9

1.800.339.3716 (press 0 for reception and ask to speak with someone about a practice issue)