Licence Holder Services

Manage your online profile, pay fees and learn how you can participate in the governance of your profession. Download order forms for replacement stamps and certificates, resignation form and request to withhold information form.

Manage your online profile, pay fees and learn how you can participate in the governance of your profession. Licence holders, EITs and applicants can log into the PEO Portal to:

  • pay fees by credit card

  • update home and business addresses

  • download receipts

  • print off membership card (through Receipts)

  • set preferred chapter affiliation

  • manage subscriptions


If you have questions regarding the PEO Portal, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about PEO's Web Portal

Please notify PEO of any technical issues you experience by emailing [email protected].

Please note: Practitioners have 30 days to update their information. Under section 50 of Regulation 941/90, professional engineers and holders of limited, temporary and provisional licences must update the information in their application for a licence, limited licence, temporary licence or certificate of authorization within 30 days of any change to the information. Changes to information may be made online through the password-protected PEO Portal or by emailing PEO’s Document Management Centre at [email protected].


Resignation Form

Form and instructions for tendering your resignation from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). Please note: You must return your licence certificate and seal when tendering resignation.

Request to Withhold Information From PEO Directories

PEO will withhold information from disclosure on public directories where there are reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure may jeopardize the safety of an individual.

P.Eng. Seal Order Form

Form and instructions for ordering replacement professional engineer’s seals.

P.Eng. Wall Certificate Order Form

Form and instructions for ordering a professional engineer’s wall certificate.

Caution: Members might recently have received calls from someone claiming to be a PEO representative, asking them to “confirm” such details as name, address and date of birth and reminding them to pay pending PEO licence fees.

Please disregard such calls. They are typical of a scam called phishing where fraudsters pretending to be from a well-known company contact consumers and attempt to trick them into revealing their personal information. That information is then used to commit fraud, such as opening new bank accounts in the consumer’s name.

  • A PEO representative will never call you to ask for confidential information, such as login names, passwords, banking or credit card information.

  • When you call us, PEO staff may ask you your name, address, email address and other personal information for verification purposes and to help us ensure that we have your latest contact information on file.

If you believe you have been the target of fraud, please contact us immediately at 416-840-1125 or email us at [email protected].