Steps to volunteering with PEO

This page outlines the steps for the PEO volunteer application process.



Complete PEO Volunteer Application Form for Chapters or statutory committees, other committees reporting to Council, or advisory groups, and submit to [email protected]. Ensure all additional documents requested in the specific volunteer posting you are responding to are also included.




If applying to be a volunteer for statutory committees, other committees reporting to Council, or advisory groups, PEO will contact you if you are selected for an interview.

If applying to be a Chapter volunteer, PEO will notify your chapter that you have applied to be a volunteer. The chapter may contact you for an interview.




If selected to serve as a PEO volunteer, you will be required to complete five mandatory training courses and modules prior to your start date (time commitment of about 2 hours 45 minutes):

Privacy at PEO: What You Need to Know (28 minutes)

Workplace Violence and Harassment Training for Employees (Ontario Bills 168 and 132) (25 minutes)

Understanding Human Rights Training (AODA edition) (24 minutes)

AODA Customer Service Training (Condensed) (29 minutes)

EDI Training Webinar for Engineers and Geoscientists (60 minutes)


Please also sign and submit the following documents to [email protected]:

PEO Confidentiality Agreement

PEO Volunteer Code of Conduct

Note: Some statutory committees have additional training that is required and provided on an ongoing basis.




Finally, within the first three months of being a PEO volunteer, please participate in our volunteer orientation and training program. A member of PEO staff will contact you about upcoming opportunities.

Note: Some statutory committees have their own specific orientations where adjudicative skills are required.