PEAK consultation survey (2022)

Between April 12, 2022 and May 6, 2022, PEO conducted an online public survey to promote awareness of the impending mandatory program and generate a benchmark on how the program is perceived by key stakeholders, including licence holders, those in the greater engineering community and the public. The survey was completed by nearly 8800 respondents.

Survey highlights:

  • 92% identified as PEO licence holders;
  • 76% indicated that a custom approach that establishes a personalized amount of CPD hours proportional to a licence holder's practice risk to the public would be more practical than a one-size-fits-all approach that assigns a fixed amount of CPD hours to all licence holders regardless of individual practice risk to the public;
  • 81% thought that those who identify as a non-practising licence holder should be assigned less CPD hours than a practising licence holder or no CPD hours at all;
  • 45% thought it is important or very important to include a refresher module on professional practice and ethics as part of the mandatory CPD program; and
  • 66% indicated it is important or very important to have PEO accept CPD hours for activities that may not be verifiable (e.g., self-study of a technical journal).

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Further consultations about CPD will be developed over the coming months and will continue to be implemented once the program becomes mandatory in 2023. This will help ensure that the program is continuously improved and is responsive to input from a variety of sources, to meet the needs of licence holders while serving the public interest.