Stakeholder consultations for PEO’s PEAK mandatory CPD program

Since January 1, 2023, professional engineers and limited licence holders must complete PEO’s continuing professional development (CPD) requirement every year. We are administering this annual requirement according to the Professional Engineers Act (under section 51.2 of Regulation 941) through the Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program—a formerly voluntary CPD program that was piloted by PEO between 2017 and 2022.

PEO has regularly consulted with stakeholders, including PEO licence holders, about CPD programming to help ensure it is continuously improved and is responsive to input from a variety of sources, in order to meet the needs of licence holders while serving the public interest.

Below you will find consultation findings from past PEO CPD surveys:

2023 PEAK survey results

2022 PEAK survey results

2015 Ipsos CPD survey and focus group results