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PEO’s new licence application process launches today


Today, PEO  has launched our new licence application process that makes applying for an engineering licence more efficient, transparent, and fair for all applicants. These changes help to ensure PEO’s compliance with recent amendments to the Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act (FARPACTA).

'Am I Ready to Apply?’

The new process begins with candidates filling out an “Am I Ready to Apply?” survey, which is a brief questionnaire on engineering academic and experience qualifications that supports candidates in determining if they are ready to apply for a licence. Qualified candidates will then receive an application to formally begin the new licence application process. Those who don’t qualify to apply after completing the survey,  will be informed of next steps.

What to know about PEO’s new licence application process

  • Application eligibility—Prospective applicants must demonstrate the required academic and experience qualifications before applying.
  • Academic requirements—The academic requirement to apply for a P.Eng. licence is a bachelor’s degree in an engineering program accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) or a bachelor’s degree that meets PEO’s acceptance criteria plus successful completion of a confirmatory examination program.
  • Experience requirements—At time of application, candidates are required to demonstrate completion of 48 months of experience that meets requirements for engaging in the practice of professional engineering, as evidenced by a competency-based assessment (CBA). CBA is a tool that assesses readiness for licensure by examining engineering competencies across several categories (technical, communication, project management, professional accountability, etc.) in which all professional engineers must be competent to support effective practice and public safety.

PEO’s new application process ensures applicants will receive a registration decision within six months* of submitting a completed licence application.

*Registration decisions will be reached within six months for at least 90% of all completed applications received.

For the latest updates on PEO’s licence application process, please visit the PEO website.