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Ontario engineering regulator lays multiple charges in connection with an unlicensed crane and lifting device safety inspection service in the Kitchener-Waterloo area


On March 20, 2023, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the licensing and regulating body for professional engineering in the province, laid 352 charges against Jay Lawrence Harding (also known as Jaye Lawrence Harding) under the Professional Engineers Act and the Provincial Offences Act for falsely representing himself as a professional engineer in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Mr. Harding is charged with using a forged seal and the title of a licensed professional engineer in the course of performing, under the name AJ Ontario Hoist Inspections, at least 80 “inspections” and “non-destructive tests” of cranes and lifting devices in the Region of Waterloo in 2021. According to PEO’s member registry, Mr. Harding is not presently and has never been licensed as a professional engineer in Ontario. PEO also understands that Mr. Harding does not hold a non-destructive testing certification.

PEO believes that Mr. Harding may have falsely represented himself as a professional engineer in respect of crane and lifting device inspections for other entities, posing a broader risk to public safety. In addition, PEO understands that in 2022, Mr. Harding relocated to New Brunswick and incorporated a new sole proprietorship named AJ Hoist Inspections. Mr. Harding may therefore continue to falsely represent himself as a professional engineer in New Brunswick.

PEO continues to investigate this matter as part of its mandate to protect the public interest. Anyone in possession of a sealed or stamped document or certification bearing the name “J.L. Harding”, “J. Harding”, “Jay Harding”, “AJ Ontario Hoist Inspections”, or AJ Hoist Inspections”, or who has engaged any of them for professional engineering or inspection services, is encouraged to contact PEO’s enforcement hotline immediately at 416-840-1444 or 1-800-339-3716 ext 1444, or by writing to us at [email protected].

How to verify licensure
To check whether an individual is licensed or a firm holds a certificate of authorization (C of A), search the directories of practitioners (licence and C of A holders) at www.peo.on.ca. To report unlicensed individuals and unauthorized companies, contact PEO's enforcement hotline at 416-840-1444 or 1-800-339-3716, ext. 1444, or email [email protected].

About Professional Engineers Ontario
Under the authority of the Professional Engineers Act, PEO governs over 87,500 licence and certificate holders and regulates professional engineering in Ontario. PEO's mission is to regulate and advance the practice of engineering to protect the public interest. Its vision is to be the trusted leader in professional self-regulation. Professional engineering safeguards life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare and the environment. Professional engineers can be identified by the P.Eng. after their names. Holders of limited licences can be identified by LEL or LET after their names.

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