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Centennial message from PEO’s President


Today marks PEO’s centennial—100 years of setting the bar for practice in a profession in which, arguably more than any other, public safety is paramount. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a regulator and is something for which every licence and certificate holder should be proud.

Since our founding on June 14, 1922, the province of Ontario has undergone unimaginable change with profound effects on every facet of our lives. PEO has evolved accordingly to carry out our continuing obligation to regulate the practice of professional engineering in the public interest. As we look ahead to the next century, PEO must remain committed to this legislative duty and continue to adapt to the public’s increasingly high expectations of regulators.

It is for this reason that PEO is undergoing an enterprise-wide transformation. To effectively fulfill our mandate, we need to clearly define PEO’s role as a regulator and ensure our resources and actions are aligned in a way that enhances our accountabilities to the public, as well as the accountabilities of our licence and certificate holders to PEO. Indeed, it is a privilege for our profession to be empowered with self-regulation; and it is paramount that the trust of Ontarians is maintained through accountable, fair, equitable and transparent regulatory processes, all developed through a public interest lens. This will ensure a bright future for our organization.

I am excited for what lies ahead, and I truly believe we are on the right path.

I invite you to take a moment to view some of the materials PEO has prepared to mark our centennial, including a special Engineering Dimensions “PEO turns 100” feature, a centennial video and our press release marking our 100th birthday. These help to communicate our direction and vision as we step into our next century.

I hope you are all able to celebrate our centennial in some way and share in this remarkable milestone for PEO.

Here’s to the next 100 years!

Nick Colucci, P.Eng., BASc., MBA, FEC