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Council accepts commissioned report on
anti-racism and


At its meeting on Friday, June 25, PEO Council received and accepted a report entitled, Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination: A Bridge to PEO’s More Successful Future, which was prepared by independent consultants under the direction of the Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Exploratory Working Group (AREWG). Council established the AREWG in 2020 to develop recommendations for Council to enable PEO to identify, study and address any issues of systemic racism and discrimination which fall within its mandate.

Council confirmed a decision to make public and circulate the report, and tasked the AREWG to bring recommendations for next steps for Council’s consideration at its September 2021 meeting.

Although we believe we have a strong foundation of progressive policies and processes in place, the findings confirm there is much more work still to be done. As an employer and as an organization charged with regulating in the public interest, PEO is committed to addressing the risks that have been identified related to anti-racism and anti-discrimination.

We look forward to keeping you apprised on our progress.