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PEO publishes a variety of resources to assist licence holders in their roles and responsibilities, as well as guidance for applicants going through the licensure process.


Ontario professional engineers are part of a community of more than 87,500 PEO licence and certificate holders committed to enhancing the quality of life, safety and well-being in the province.

As Ontario’s engineering regulator, PEO relies heavily on its volunteers. More than 1,000 professional engineers, engineering interns and non-engineers volunteer their time each year on behalf of the association through their participation.

PEO's mandate, as described in the Professional Engineers Act, is to ensure that the public is protected and that individuals and companies providing engineering services uphold a strict code of professional ethics and conduct.

Online Learning Modules

PEO’s Online Learning Modules provide licence holders, volunteers, staff and applicants with various learning and development opportunities.

Practice Advice Resources and Guidelines

PEO offers a variety of practice advice resources to assist licence holders in providing professional and ethical engineering services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot declare the completion of the professional practice module as a CPD activity because the module is a separate mandatory element of the PEAK program.

If you also complete CPD activities for another regulator or your employer, you can add those activities to your CPD Report if they meet PEO’s CPD admissibility criteria.

No, the program will not allow you to complete CPD activities this year and carry forward any portion to a future year.

Possibly; the program will allow you to report CPD activities you completed last year only if you still have a CPD reporting balance for last year. Once you have met last year’s CPD requirements and have no overdue balance for last year, you will not be able to report more CPD activities from last year.

If you want to adjust your CPD Report, click on the entry’s “edit” button to edit the item.

If you want to adjust your CPD Report, click on the entry’s “edit” button to edit the item.

To submit a CPD report, log in to the PEO portal, click the PEAK tab and navigate to the Continuing Professional Development Report page. Then, click the “Add activity” button at the top of the page to launch the CPD Report Activity form. When the form pops up, fill in all the mandatory fields and select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. Scroll to the bottom of the CPD Report overview page to see each entered individual activity.

A CPD activity is admissible for the PEAK program if the learning content helps you reduce your professional practice risks. An activity is acceptable if it addresses knowledge of the responsibilities of professional engineers, understanding of pertinent codes and standards, and knowledge of best practices in acts of professional engineering (all of which must be relevant to your practice areas).

The PEAK program accepts all learning formats. These include admissible activities that are free or paid; self-paced or instructor-led; delivered virtually or in person or in a hybrid manner; as well as events that are held locally or overseas.


The number of CPD hours you must complete depends on the number of target CPD hours assigned to you following your practice evaluation (the maximum is 30 hours per year). CPD hours should be reported on a one-to-one basis, meaning that the actual time spent on an admissible CPD learning activity is reported. You can report more CPD hours this year than this year’s CPD target.

Submitting a CPD report takes only a minute. However, the time to complete the CPD activities you declare on the CPD report(s) depends on your CPD target and the number and length of the CPD activities you choose to pursue.