Legacy Applicant FAQ

If you applied for a licence before May 15, 2023, you would continue the same licensure path that was in place at the time you applied. However, you will be invited by PEO to the new application process depending on the stage of your application.  For example, current applicants who benefit from the new rules, such as the removal of the Canadian experience, will receive a message from PEO if all they were missing was the one year of Canadian experience.

We have two separate dedicated teams focused for each process without any favoritism towards any one process.

So long as you meet any assigned deadlines on your P.Eng. application, you are eligible to enrol in the EIT program. In order to do so, please submit your EIT request to [email protected] for review and processing. After the EIT annual fee is paid and processed, your EIT membership will become active.

You may be eligible to re-apply. Please follow the instructions on our website, and any requirements you have satisfied from a past application will carry forward to the new application. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at [email protected] and provide your PEO #.