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Joseph B. Mangione, P.Eng.

Joseph Mangione, P.Eng., has volunteered his leadership and engineering skills in local, national and international fields for 15 years. Mangione served as a member of the Carleton Roman Catholic School Board and the Nepean Public Library Board. Since 1988, Mangione has volunteered on the Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation where his contributions to the Foundation's fundraising activities have helped raise over $1.2 million dollars for the Royal Ottawa Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. Mangione was an appointee to the Standards Council of Canada for eight years, during which he was a member of its Council and the Council's Budget and Finance, Audit committees. Mangione was also elected inl986 to the Canadian Standards Association Board of Directors, which he currently chairs. Through his involvement in standards setting, Mangione has made a significant contribution to public safety and protection through the active promotion of standards, certification, and quality management.