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Ian Armitage, P.Eng

Staff Engineer, MD Robotics

Throughout his career at MD Robotics, formerly Spar Aerospace Ltd., Engineer Armitage has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and solid technical grasp in a wide variety of challenging programs. Mr. Armitage has contributed strongly to numerous space programs including the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System upgrade, the Space Station Remote Manipulator System and the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator. Mr. Armitage has also been involved in several important industrial programs including the application of robotics technology to hazardous environments such as nuclear information. Mr. Armitage is the recognized leader within MD Robotics for space robotic transmissions and gears and, as such, has been directly responsible for the design and development of highly complex, state-of-the-art precision transmissions and mechanisms. This role permits him to apply his significant expertise from the conceptual design through to the final manufacture of his complex space mechanisms. His expertise has lead to several patents for his new or novel mechanism design. In addition, in his expanded role as Project Engineer, he is responsible for the design, development, procurement, assembly and test of space flight hardware. Mr. Armitage is recognized for approaching his tasks methodically and with mature engineering judgement, making him a sought after resource and mentor to young engineers. Mr. Armitage brings his moral ethic to young people in many ways. He has been a coach and trainer in minor hockey and is involved with young people through his church, where he mentored several young adults. Mr. Armitage has been a speaker for PEO on several occasions, most recently at PEO Engineers’ Day in North Bay, where he also addressed high school students.