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Engineering licensing body clarifies use of the term “engineer” following reported dismissal of Hydro One employee


Toronto – (May 13, 2015) – Contrary to recent media reports, the man reported to have been fired from Hydro One for shouting obscenities at a television reporter is not a professional engineer . Shawn Simoes, the employee reportedly fired, is not licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and, therefore, cannot legally be called an engineer.

In Ontario, the titles “engineer” and “professional engineer" are restricted by law. Only those who have demonstrated they possess the necessary qualifications and have been licensed by PEO may use these titles, which are often abbreviated as "P.Eng." To confirm whether a person is licensed, the public may search PEO’s directory of licensed professional engineers at www.peo.on.ca.

When individuals are found to be using the restricted title “engineer,” the courts can impose fines, restraining orders and jail time. The public can confidentially report suspected illegal use of titles or unlicensed engineering practice to PEO through its enforcement hotline at 1-800-339-3716, ext. 1444, or by emailing [email protected]. The public can monitor PEO’s ongoing enforcement activities on its website.

Engineers are required to maintain the profession’s high standards of professional practice and ethics. PEO will investigate complaints against licence holders accused of harassment as defined in section 72(1) of Regulation 941/90 made under the Professional Engineers Act. Harassment was added to Regulation 941 as a specific form of misconduct in 2000. Where licence holders are found guilty of professional misconduct, they may be subject to a range of penalties up to and including suspension or revocation of their licences to practise.

PEO publishes a Guideline on Human Rights in Professional Practice, which is available from its website.

About Professional Engineers Ontario

Through the Professional Engineers Act, PEO governs over 83,000 licence and certificate holders and regulates professional engineering in Ontario to serve and protect the public. Professional engineering safeguards life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare and the environment. Professional engineers can be identified by the P.Eng. after their names.

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