PEO's Expanded Public Information Model (EPIM)

The Expanded Public Information Model (EPIM) provides the public relevant information about practitioners. Enabling access to as much information about licence holders and engineering interns as possible allows PEO to fulfill its regulatory mandate of serving and protecting the public interest by fostering informed choice by the public, and promotes professional accountability in practitioners.

PEO's EPIM Policy describes what information is made publicly available.

Learn more about the EPIM in the July/August 2006 edition of Engineering Dimensions.

Licence holder/Engineering Intern Profile

To help us ensure the EPIM online directory is accurate, please revisit your “Licence holder/Engineering intern Profile” to review the information there.

If the information in your profile is not accurate or is missing, please email [email protected]. We will review your original documents and correct your profile. Should your reporting of the error not agree with the original documents, we will contact you directly before taking any action.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy of the personal information PEO holds, please email our Privacy Officer at [email protected].