Strategic Plan

PEO has committed to completing an enterprise-wide transformation based on three transformational pillars: enhanced governance, modernized operations and a superior organization.

Our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan: Roadmap to Transformation (Clarity of Purpose) summarizes the critical elements of our transformation process and includes a schedule for our priority work, most of which is already well underway. The critical elements of our strategic plan are rooted in the Action Plan that our Council approved in 2019 to address the recommendations from PEO's external regulatory performance review, as well as Council's two-year Governance Roadmap, the work for which commenced in 2020 and will likely be completed by mid-year 2022.

The high-level direction for this transformation journey was reaffirmed by Council in November 2021.

As we approach our 100th year of regulating the practice of engineering in Ontario, our strategic plan serves as a roadmap for how we will implement the improvements that are fundamental to achieving our change vision: To become a professional, modern regulator that delivers on its statutory mandate and is supported by a governance culture that consistently makes decisions that serve and protect the public interest.


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