2018-2020 Strategic Plan

The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan builds on the success of the 2015-2017 plan and provides the direction for PEO Council to set policies and goals to guide the association.

Development of the plan began early in 2015 and concluded with the approval of the final plan by Council in November 2017. Along the way, numerous consultation sessions were held with stakeholders—including PEO volunteers, staff, government ministries and our partners in the engineering community.

The nine strategic objectives identified under three focus areas in the plan summarize what we want to achieve as an organization over the next three years. These objectives were selected and prioritized through a lens of relevance and value added, and will determine the priorities for our programs and activities, and assist PEO staff and volunteers in their implementation.

Here are some of the resources used to formulate the plan:

Thank you to all of our stakeholders who contributed to the development of the plan. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


2018-2020 Strategic Plan development timeline

January 2015-June 2017: Consultation phase

June 2017-August 2017: Development of initial draft of the plan

September 2017: Initial draft presented to Council

November 2017: Revised plan approved by Council

February 2018: Approval by Council of the first set of specific strategies to achieve the plan’s strategic objectives