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William R. Campbell, P.Eng.

Engineer William R. Campbell is recognized as exemplifying the model of the professional engineer through his commitment to high professional and ethical standards. His various roles over the past 15 years within the Quinte Chapter include Chair, Treasurer, Education Coordinator and Executive member.

Bill is cited for exemplifying engineering professionalism and his commitment to the need for engineers in Ontario to be served by an association with professional governance. He is cited for his ever-willingness to perform duties that entail a great deal of work but offer no recognition. Bill is credited with ensuring the success of many chapter activities, including the 2001 chapter AGM, by drawing in many engineers who would not otherwise have participated. For many years, Bill has also contributed volumes of hours promoting engineering as a profession at student events, including career days, Science Fairs and Science Olympics. As the Chapter Education Coordinator, Bill has consulted with high school teachers on curriculum content and established a rapport with students.

For his willingness to promote the engineering profession, his patience at answering questions, and his commitment to connecting with fellow chapter members and to educating students with respect and dignity, William R. Campbell is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.