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Stephen Carpenter, P.Eng.

President, Enermodal Engineering

Stephen Carpenter established Enermodal Engineering in 1980 with the goal of only working on energy-efficient buildings long before the energy efficiency trend became popular and building industry began moving towards green design and LEED green building certificates.

Mr. Carpenter has worked with many Canadian municipalities and developers to help set engineering and green building standards. Since 2004, when LEED came to Canada, Enermodal and Stephen have been key players in the development of this building sector. Under his direction, Enermodal is currently working on sustainability projects worth over $5 billion and totalling 250 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects. This past year, Enermodal hit a major corporate milestone: certifying its 100th LEED project - becoming the first LEED consultant in Canada to do so.

Stephen's deep commitment to ideals of sustainability and broad understanding of engineering principles is demonstrated in the results: buildings with 50-80% energy savings over conventional buildings. As one of Canada's premier sustainable design experts, he has won a variety of awards; some of which include the Exceptional Service Award, Canada Green Building Council; President's Award, Ontario Building Envelope Council; Lifetime Achievement Award, and Sustainable Buildings Canada.