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Sohrab Rohani, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCIC

Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario

Sohrab Rohani, PhD, P.Eng., is an expert in crystallization and process control, who has applied his knowledge to help produce better and purer drugs for the pharmaceutical industry, design new catalysts for the energy sector and environmental protection, and optimize the operation of crystallizers in the potash, food and fine chemical industries.

Dr. Rohani’s work in crystallization ranges from fundamental studies of transport properties, solubilities and properties of crystals, to specific crystallization processes of commercial significance. He has also contributed to other research areas, including sedimentation, fermentation, and mixing in the presence of chemical reaction.

This breadth of interest and an ability to explain concepts have earned Dr. Rohani the respect of colleagues around the world. Under his leadership, the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Western Ontario has become a significant force in Canadian chemical engineering. His ability to motivate students is evidenced by the success of the 33 PhD and Masters students he has supervised.

Dr. Rohani’s stature in his field is shown by his over 140 refereed publications in scientific journals of international reputation and the more than 89 papers he has presented at conferences world-wide.