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Ross L. Judd, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Over more than two decades, Engineer Ross L. Judd has been invaluable to Professional Engineers Ontario by providing technical evaluations of the qualifications of foreign-educated applicants.

As Vice-Chair of the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC), and formerly the Board of Examiners, Dr. Judd has provided assigned programs of study and examinations for thousands of applicants. Over the years, he has continually assisted in shaping the ARC’s long-term direction and objectives, as well as acting as a continuing advocate for fair technical evaluation for foreign-educated applicants.

A member of the faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton since 1963, his professional research interests include fundamental investigation in nucleate boiling heat transfer research and other effects of heat generation. Now professor emeritus, for many years Dr. Judd actively encouraged engineering students to recognize the value and to start the process towards P.Eng. licensure. To this end, he has recently taken on the duties of the PEO Student Membership Program Faculty Advisor at McMaster.

For his continuing efforts in promoting the value of licensing, excellence in qualifications and fairness in evaluation, Dr. Ross L. Judd is inducted as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.