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Ronald W. Missen, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence

Ronald Missen, P.Eng., has applied thermodynamic science to the design of chemical plants with special attention to complex chemical reactors. The methods Missen has developed are now used routinely by chemical-process-design engineers in all five continents. His research has concentrated on phase and reaction equilibrium in chemical systems, with applications to the design of separation processes and complex chemical reactor performance and design. Missen's research has saved the chemical process industry time and money by reducing the amount of expensive experimental work needed for confident design. His use of computers in research and'graduate teaching anticipated the impact and importance of compLAerbased process development and calculations. Missen co-authored the book Chemical Reaction Equilibrium Analysis: Theory and Alogrithms, which is internationally regarded as the definitive work in the analysis of complex multiphase chemical equilibria. He is currently Professor Emerftus at the University of Toronto