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Michel J. Pettigrew, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence

Michel Pettigrew, P.Eng., Technical Director and Principal Research Engineer at Atomic Energy Canada Research is internationally recognized for his research in the fields of flowinduced vibration and tribology. His research contribldes to the safety and efficiency of nuclear energy plants. PeftigreWs work has led to a better understanding of the numerous mechanisms contriblding to flow-induced vibration and damping in single- and two-phase flow. His design guidelines are roldinely used by designers world-wide to resolve vibration problems. PettigreWs innovative work in the realm of two-phase flow-induced vibration has led to Atomic Energy Canada Limfted's (AECL) reputation as a world leader in this field. This work is extremely important to the nuclear, power and process industries, where more than half of all heat transfer equipment operates in two- phase flow. The tribology research conducted by Pettigrew has resulted in high European and North American demand for AECL frefting-wear technology and test Ogs. Pettigrew has published over 80 papers and publications; his research has resulted in 5 patents