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Mark F. Green, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Professor, Civil Engineering, Queen’s University

Dr. Mark Green is known for his extensive studies on the dynamics of bridge-vehicle interaction, and as a leader in applications of fibre-reinforced polymer materials to concrete structures, and fire engineering. Through his research, Dr. Green developed and validated a new algorithm for predicting the dynamic response of highway bridges to heavy vehicle loads. His technical paper on bridge-vehicle dynamics has received more than 80 citations, and is the third most-cited paper in the field. Also, Dr. Green’s study of strengthening concrete beams and slabs with pre-stressed carbon fibre-reinforced polymer has resulted in an innovative and practical system for rehabilitating these structures. Additionally, his research on fire resistance is widely identified as satisfying one of the most pressing research needs in applications of FRPs in civil engineering.

Dr. Green is Chair of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Technical Committee on Advanced Composite Materials and an active board member of the Canadian Network Association on Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures. In addition to his research and teaching, he is a dedicated advocate of improving access to education for Aboriginal students in Canada and has recently initiated a major training program to prepare engineers to work in remote or Aboriginal communities.