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Mansoor Barati, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

Mansoor Barati is an emerging leader in the research of environmentally sustainable processes, who also demonstrates an inspiring commitment to education. His partnerships with industry and his success in attracting significant funding represent a strong endorsement of the value of his work to the private and the public sectors. Since joining the University of Toronto four years ago, he has generated over $2 million in research support from around the world.

In a relatively short time, he has also assembled an impressive team of young researchers who are involved in pioneering new techniques for experimental studies at elevated temperatures. His main research focuses on high temperature materials processing, specifically, processes for extracting and refining metals and alloys that are less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly. Equally, the research seeks to develop materials that promise higher performance, create a smaller environmental footprint, and demand less from the Earth’s resources.

Dr. Barati’s novel investigative techniques have provided valuable insights on fundamental aspects of metallurgical reactions, which have important practical implications for manufacturing operations.

In his young career, Dr. Barati has supervised 16 final-year thesis students, and supervised or co-supervised seven master’s students, three doctoral candidates, two post-doctoral fellows and five senior researchers. He has published over 40 journal and conference articles and presented numerous talks in Canada, the United States, Chile, Japan, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.