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Levente Diosady, PH.D., P.Eng

For the past 10 years, Dr. Levente Diosady has led the development of techniques for fortifying salt with iron and iodine to prevent micronutrient deficiency diseases, which adversely affect over two billion people. The technology effectively reduced anemia in children by 30 per cent in a test involving 5000 participants in Ghana. Large-scale tests with 250,000 participants are planned for next year. Diosady joined the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Toronto (U of T) as an Associate Professor in 1979, and with the late Dr. L.J. Rubin established the first Canadian food engineering program. He was promoted to Professor in 1986. In recognition of his contributions at U of T, he was appointed Adjunct Professor in the engineering school at the University of Guelph in 1990. Diosady has also focused his work on the processing of oil seeds, in particular Canadian canola and other related seed varieties. Significant outcomes of this work include development of a technique for chemical degumming of vegetable oils, which is widely used in the processing of canola seed, and development of a method to remove chlorophyll from canola oil. In 1987, Diosady's research team received the Canada Award for Business Excellence in the Innovations category, as a result of its development of a solvent extraction and membrane process for producing high quality protein products from canola and mustard seeds. Diosady's research team also developed a system for curing meats so that they are either very low in nitrites, or nitritefree. The Institute of Food Technologies selected the process as one of the top developments of the year in 1990. Diosady has been an active member of several scientific societies, including the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers, the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the U.S. Institute of Food Technologies, and the PEO Bioengineering Task Force. He is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, and a Past President of the Canadian Section of the American Oil Chemists' Society and of the Food Engineering Section of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. In addition to his academic activities, Diosady continues to consult in the areas of food processing, trace organic analysis, laboratory planning, and R&D management. He is the President of Food BioTek Corporation and a Director of Chemical Engineering Research Consultants Limited. Engineer Diosady has written over 120 research publications, is a sought-after speaker who has made more than 100 presentations at international conferences and symposia, and holds 15 patents on his team's key technological achievements.