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Leonard Brian Ross, P.Eng.

With service spanning over a decade, Engineer Brian Ross deserves much credit for the increase in volunteer participation within Professional Engineers Ontario’s York Chapter. He has played an active role in the chapter Executive over the past 10 years, including serving as chapter Chair for three years. As Chair, he established the annual Engineer of the Year award to recognize outstanding York Chapter engineers. During his years of service, he has actively participated in nearly all chapter committees.

In 1997, Brian displayed his dedication to the chapter by creating a strong membership campaign. His leadership and promotional skills were highly effective at turning around the dwindling number of chapter volunteers. The end result was an increase in participation from both new and former York Chapter volunteers.

as an electrical engineering practitioner with a reputation for an unwavering professional commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and ethical work habits. Currently, he is Chair of the Discipline Committee. For his years of service and dedication to the profession, Leonard Brian Ross is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.