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Larry Seeley

Dr. Larry Seeley is credited with being the driving force and catalyst in the transformation of Lakefield Research into the largest commercial metallurgical testing, research and development organization in the world. Lakefield also provides environmental testing and consulting services to public- and private-sector clients, ranging from testing for tailings areas to drinking water analyses for hundreds of municipalities. Throughout his career, he has fostered and promoted new technologies within the minerals industry worldwide, and is recognized as one of the industry's foremost ambassadors. In 1995, Dr. Seeley spearheaded the management buyout of Lakefield Research from Falconbridge Limited and led its growth from 120 employees in small-town Ontario to over 900 employees with locations in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Chile. Under his guidance, Lakefield won the 1997 Ontario Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Award for growth. In 2002, Lakefield Research was acquired by Société Générale de Surveillance, a Swiss company with over 30,000 employees. A condition of the sale was that Seeley agree to stay with Lakefield Research for at least five years to ensure the realization of his vision for the future of the company. Dr. Seeley is a highly regarded public spokesperson and mining engineering expert with a broad knowledge of best business practices, mineral processing, and metal extraction from ores and recycled materials. His push for the implementation of major breakthroughs in research has ensured cleaner mining processes to protect the natural environment. A past president and board member of the Canadian Metallurgical Society, Seeley has been honoured for his service to his industry and to his community. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and was the Canada Council lecturer of the American Society of Metals. Dr. Seeley was made an honorary life member of Science North, Sudbury's popular science education and communication attraction, for his service on its Board and his leadership. He has also served on the Board of Governors of Cambrian College and Trent University and was invited to sit on the advisory board for strategic planning and organizational development for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto. He joined a similar board this year for the Department of Mining Engineering at Queen's University. As one of Canada's foremost mining engineering experts, Dr. Larry Seeley has taken his company to the top of its field, while serving his industry and community.