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Keith Marchildon, P.Eng

Adjunct Professor Queen’s University

Mr. Marchildon is a brilliant engineer who has made important and lasting contributions to Chemical Engineering in Canada. His expertise and influence extend far and beyond the successful research and technology initiatives that he has lead within DuPont. He has provided tremendous leadership for the broader Chemical Engineering community in Canada that will continue to influence practicing engineers and engineering students in the years ahead. Engineer Marchildon’s career with DuPont Canada has spanned nearly 40 years. Most of this has been in research and development and more specifically, in the development and optimization of processes for the manufacture of polymers. He has participated in the development of much of the technology DuPont currently uses for manufacture of Nylon 66 and is recognized as one of the foremost technical authorities within the company. His contributions have been recognized both internally and externally. In 2000 he was promoted to DuPont Fellow, one of 15 within the DuPont Company and the first with DuPont Canada. He has been awarded the CSCHE Award for Industrial Practice and the American Society of Patent Holders Distinguished Corporate Inventor Award. Throughout his career, Mr. Marchildon has worked to promote continuing education. He developed a three and one-half day course on Nylon polymerization fundamentals that he will be offering for the 13th time in Rozenburg, Netherlands next month. He has pioneered the development of a number of chemical engineering refresher courses that have been offered outside of DuPont, locally and nationally. Mr. Marchildon served on the CCPE task force that was struck to define the essential elements of the core knowledge of the Chemical Engineering discipline that will be used in assessing credential of foreign-trained engineers.