Jingxu (Jesse) Zhu, Ph.D., P.Eng_., FCAE.jpg

Jingxu (Jesse) Zhu, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCAE

Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Jesse Zhu has made exceptional contributions to Engineering and has an outstanding and sustained research record that has had significant international impact in the field of fluidization and powder technology. He is a world expert in the research area of particle technology and fluidization systems. In addition to extensive fundamental research, he has a special ability to apply research results in industrial practice. His research has made several technological advances in fluidization and handling of powders for industrial uses. The significance of his innovative research and its contribution to Chemical Engineering is further evident in the 20 plus patents awarded to him.

Dr. Zhu has also been active serving on committees, participating in governance and contributing to peer reviews at the local, provincial, national and international levels. He organized and chaired many national and international conference, including organizing the 3 CSCHE annual conferences for the past 20 years. Additionally, he has received many awards and honours, including the highest R.S. Jane Memorial award from the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, and is a Fellow of Chemical Institute of Canada, Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada, and Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering.