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Jana Havard, P.Eng.

Since 1980, Engineer Jana Havard has worked tirelessly on the Mississauga Chapter -Executive organizing chapter workshops, seminars and serving as the chapter Webmaster.

As chapter Chair, she attended all chapter congresses, meetings and PEO Annual General Meetings. She has organized unique workshops featuring a diverse range of topics. Her deep commitment to the value of mentorship and professional development in enhancing an individual's engineering career has resulted in her tireless dedication to helping other engineers. In addition, as an effective communicator, Engineer Havard has been an important liaison between the Mississauga Chapter, PEO staff and Council over the years. Her ideas have helped shape PEO’s Chapter Executive Policies and Procedures. Currently, as chapter Treasurer, Jana handles the finances with exceptional prudence and responsibility. Ever a conscientious worker, Jana is exceptionally thorough and demands accountability from all Executive members. She developed and ran the first Mississauga Chapter Certificate Ceremony, which has served as a model for similar chapter ceremonies. 

For her service to the Mississauga Chapter, her dedication to professional development and mentoring new members, and her strong organizational skills, Jana Havard is invested as a Member in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.