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J. Don Chambers, P.Eng.

Oakville Chapter

Don Chambers, P.Eng., has been invaluable to PEO's Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) through his engineering expertise and well-rounded knowledge. The committee helps the Registrar in determining if a licence applicant's work experience is acceptable for licensing purposes. Chambers' interviewing and team leadership abilities have facilitated the process in which interview panels are often able to reach unanimous decisions after fair and thorough reviews of the facts are presented. He has helped train new ERC members, recruited experts for, and served on, a subcommittee that developed the core body of knowledge used for licensing software practitioners who are not graduates of accredited engineering programs. Since 1999, PEO has licensed several hundred software engineers. Chambers chaired the ERC from 1988 to 1992, and was past-chair until 1998.