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Hendrik Eichenbaum, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence

During his 40-year career as a civil engineer with Acres International Limited, Hendrik Eichenbaum, P. Eng., has applied creative solutions to major engineering projects in Canada, the United States, India, South America and Iran. He has consulted on, reviewed and assured the quality of difficult hydroelectric, water resources management, and heavy construction projects. Eichenbaum has elegantly solved numerous problems not covered by engineering codes or textbooks. His work in the area of tunnel lining problems, which are not covered by codes, is an excellent example of this ability. In 1964, Eichenbaum led a structural and civil engineering design team in development of the Churchill Falls Project, the largest underground hydroelectric complex in the world at that time. In 1980, Eichenbaum developed analytical processes to account for the impact of earthquakes in the design of hydraulic structures. These were particularly useful for international projects in seismically active regions. He also was a valuable contributor to the engineering team responsible for the Alto Anchicaya hydroelectric project, which is located in extremely mountainous terrain in Colombia. At the time it was built, this dam was the highest of its type in the world.