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G. Ross Gillett, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence Category

Ross Gillett's accomplishments represent what can be achieved when engineering is applied to solving problems - even problems arising hundreds of kilometres in space. Gillett is a senior systems engineer with Spar Space Systems, a division of Spar Aerospace Limited. Engineer Gillett's exceptional ability to solve multidisciplinary problems, from space robotics to remotely controlled heavy industrial equipment, will ensure Canada plays a prominent role in the international space program. Currently, Gillett is leading a Canada-wide collaborative development team addressing the inherent challenges of human-in-the-loop control of robotic equipment from extreme remote distances, such as those encountered in space and planetary robotic operations. He has also developed communications and power distribution hardware that solve assembly and reconfiguration problems for the various relocateable robotic equipment comprising Canada’s contribution to the International Space Station. Gillett’s designs appear in the recently completed Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS, a large, seven-joint manipulator that has the ability to relocate itself, inchworm-like, along the space station), the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) and the MSS Base system (MBS). His hardware solutions have also been adopted by International Space Stations elements built by the United States and Europe. Ross Gillett's commitment to engineering excellence continues to enhance Canada's reputation as a significant force in the aerospace industry.