Frank A. Dottori, P.Eng_.png

Frank A. Dottori, P.Eng

Professor of Pulp and Paper Engineering

In 1973, Engineer Dottori revived a shutdown CIP pulp mill in Temiscaming, Quebec, creating a structure for the company that includes an innovative agreement with the union that allows them a seat on the company board of directors and participation in profitsharing. The company culture is shaped strongly by principles of employee participation, creativity and innovation using new technologies. Recognized as having outstanding entrepreneurial and management skills in the District of Nipissing, Mr. Dottori was instrumental in the creation of Tembec, a model of cooperation between community and company personnel in sustaining industrial development in Timiscaming. Tembec, one of the major forestry industries in the region, has expanded to an international endeavour and is now one of the largest employers in Northern Ontario, contributing significantly to the economy of Northern Ontario. Mr. Dottori contributes to the community in both a professional and personal capacity. He has devoted significant personal and professional time to major projects such as the hospital expansion and creation of the local recreation centre that includes a hockey arena, curling arena, pool and auditorium. Mr. Dottori has also ensured that, where possible, Tembec policy contributes to a strong community. Purchasing and procurement policies support local businesses, and in many cases, employees are required to live in the mill communities as opposed to commuting from major centres. Mr. Dottori has received the following honours and awards: 1988 - Meritorious Service Award, University of Toronto 1989 - Order of Canada 1989 - McGill Management Achievement Awards, McGill University 1989 - Le Mercure de I'inovation 1990 - Man of the Year, Paper Industry Management Association 1992 - Honorary Ph.D., University of Quebec 1993 - Businessman of the Year, Northern Ontario Business Community 1999 - Highest Achievement Award, Order of Engineers of Quebec