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Dr. Lorant Geller, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence

Dr. Lorant Geller's research on wire rope technology has not only tightened mine safety regulations in Canada, but has also given the industry a state-of-the-art product, called MAGNOGRAPH II, that quickly and accurately tests wire ropes for metal loss. A research scientist with the Canadian government, Geller undertook a multi-province survey of wire-testing data, and found that marginally safe wire ropes used to hoist miners and machinery were slipping through the inspection process. His conclusion led to the tightening of mine safety regulations and improved training practices for wire rope inspectors. As a result of the survey, Engineer Geller worked with the Noranda Technology Centre in Quebec to develop MAGNOGRAPH II, a non destructive, electromagnetic test that detects total metal loss in wire ropes. The MAGNOGRAPH II also plays back its recorded data on large screens, enabling it to serve as an educational tool. MAGNOGRAPH II has been commercialized and is sold world wide.