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Dr. Kimberly Woodhouse, P.Eng

Research and Development

Research in the development of artificial skin has established Dr. Kim Woodhouse as a leader in the field of tissue engineering. Using a combination of tissue and polymer materials, Woodhouse hopes to encourage cell growth and limit water loss when treating chronic wounds and burns. Supervising a team at the University of Toronto, Woodhouse is developing three forms of tissue - human and animal protein and genetically engineered human protein - that are combined with various forms of polymer. Investigation is already underway to develop a biodegradable skin that may improve patient compliance and further promote cell growth. Since being appointed assistant professor in the university's Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry in 1994, Engineer Woodhouse has set up an independent research program. Her experience with polymer science and biomaterials has branched off into other areas, including the development of membranes for environmental applications.