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Andres Tork, P.Eng

Engineering Excellence

In a career spanning 4 decades, Andres Tork has demonstrated outstanding and innovative structural engineering skills in designs ranging from communications towers to underpasses. One of Engineer Tork’s first Canadian structural design projects was the Ontario Government Pavilion at Expo ’67 in Montreal, which comprised 73 custom-designed fibreglass/vinyl structural fabric roof panels supported by a tubular steel space-frame. His next project was a self-supporting, 150-metre tubular steel telecommunications tower for Bell Canada to carry some 30 antennas. In Toronto, Engineer Tork designed a 235-metre-long continuous prestressed concrete bridge and an innovative “Flyunder” for Go Transit’s operations at Union Station. After designing the structure for a major vertical axis wind turbine and the structural work for Grace Hospital in Scarborough, Engineer Tork worked on the North Warning Short Range Radar System steel towers. Currently he is directing the massive project to rehabilitate the road deck and supporting substructures of Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway.