PEO Chapters

PEO Chapters are the local presence for Professional Engineers Ontario across the province.

PEO Chapters are the local presence for Professional Engineers Ontario across the province. Organized into 5 regions, the 36 chapters promote the value of engineering to local communities and provide an important link between licence holders and EITs and PEO Council. They perform a range of functions including organizing licence certificate ceremonies, hosting technical seminars and social events; providing a forum for members to exchange knowledge and ideas; and offering professional networking opportunities.

The Main Activities of PEO Chapters Are:

Governance: Encourage professional engineers to participate in regulatory roles at PEO.

Grassroots Participation: Promote participation of licence holders in chapter and other PEO activities. Encourage licence holders to take an interest and participate in PEO governance (i.e. voting in PEO elections, conversations, attending town hall meetings, asking questions, etc.).

Presence: Enhance public awareness for the engineering profession in the local community.

Communication: Facilitate two-way communication with licence holders and PEO Council.

Recognition: Recognize individuals for their support of the profession. Recognize firms for their sup-port of our chapters and of the profession. Recognize chapters for exceptional leadership and programming.

Chapter Volunteer Resources

Documents, forms and resources for chapter leaders and volunteers.

Visit Chapter Websites

Each chapter has a website. They also send email communication to announce upcoming technical talks, networking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Stay connected with your chapter through email!

  • During Registration, you will be asked whether you would like to receive emails from your chapter.
  • By selecting “YES” you will be added to the email list and receive messages about your chapter’s activities, such as the Annual General Meeting, licence certificate ceremonies, technical talks and tours and other exciting opportunities.
  • Your communication preference can be updated at any time from the Member Portal.

Membership is free! There are 36 chapters, organized into 5 regions, across the province. Once you have registered as a member of PEO you will be automatically assigned to a chapter based on your postal code.

Contact Us about Chapters

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9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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