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PEO Chapters and Regional Offices

PEO Chapters

PEO chapters – 36 in total, organized into five regions across the province – were formed over 50 years ago to provide a crucial link between members-at-large and PEO council, and to promote the value of engineering to local communities. PEO chapters perform a wide variety of functions including organizing licence certificate ceremonies, hosting technical seminars and social events; providing a forum for members to exchange knowledge and ideas; and offering professional networking opportunities.

PEO chapters aim to:

  • facilitate participation and training of licence holders in the governance, succession planning for PEO leadership, and statutory duties of the profession;
  • work to identify the value of the profession to future licence holders;
  • promote and enhance understanding within society of the self-regulated engineering profession and the importance of licensure; and
  • actively participate in PEO’s policy development.

PEO chapters also engage the youth in discovering the joys of math, science and engineering through education outreach programs and local events throughout the year, including those associated with National Engineering Month.

PEO licence holders and EITs are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by their local chapter by attending events or even volunteering.

Click here for a complete list of PEO chapters and links to their websites.

PEO Regional Offices

PEO has two regional offices: the Northern Regional Office, located in the engineering department of Lakehead University; and the Western Regional Office, located in the engineering department of Western University. These centres of activity were established to provide administrative support to PEO chapters, promote the value of licensure to university students and support PEO’s Student Membership Program in the engineering schools. For more information, contact the Northern Regional Office at nro@peo.on.ca or the Western Regional Office at wro@peo.on.ca.