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The engineering profession in Ontario is governed through self-regulation, a privilege granted by the provincial government under the Professional Engineers Act. PEO relies on members' voluntary participation to govern and manage its affairs.

Self-regulation means that PEO is governed by elected members of the profession and government appointees, within strict legal parameters. These elected and appointed representatives sit on a governing council that sets policy for licensing practitioners and regulating engineering practice under the Professional Engineers Act. PEO council comprises up to 32 men and women, who include both licensed professional engineers and non-engineers. The non-engineers are government appointed, whereas the licensed engineers may either be elected from the membership or appointed.

PEO’s president chairs this governing council, which functions like the board of directors of any other non-profit organization. Council is responsible for setting policy and for monitoring and overseeing its implementation by staff. Councillors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the organization and to practice wise stewardship of its resources.

PEO has a regular staff of about 90 and another 1,000 or so volunteers from the membership who participate on committees, task forces and PEO’s 36 chapters, which combine to perform the work of the association. Committees are appointed by Council to address a continuing need and generally stand for several years. Task forces have a limited life-span and are appointed by Council or its Executive Committee, to study issues, develop recommendations, or oversee special initiatives.

PEO recognizes volunteers who have served on chapters, committees/ task forces, or PEO Council and celebrates achievements of milestone year of service. PEO also recognizes professional engineers and others who have rendered conspicuous service to the engineering profession, normally through association, through the Order of Honour awards program.

Volunteer Compliance training

The Government of Ontario mandates that volunteers receive occupational health and safety and accessibility training. The intent of the training is to educate PEO volunteers on their rights and responsibilities as volunteers, as well as their duties when working in a volunteer capacity, so that they may perform their work safely and in compliance with the law. Your completion of the legislated training courses is required by December 31, 2019.

To access the training please follow these steps:

1) Click on the survey link to register as a volunteer:


2)  After you register you will receive an email from training vendor HRDownloads. The email will contain your username/password and a link to access your training courses.

3)  Click on the link. Copy and paste the username/password to log-in.

4) Watch the 3 training videos and take the three quizzes.

5) If you encounter any technical issues email Matt Drappel at mdrappel@hrdownloads.com

Call for Volunteers 2019

There are no volunteer opportunities at this time.

How to Apply

Please submit a completed volunteer application form and current resume to volunteering@peo.on.ca.

Please note that our volunteer website is currently unavailable as it is under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow the instructions above to apply for a volunteer position. If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteering Team at volunteering@peo.on.ca. Thank you.