Practice Evaluation and Knowledge Program

PEO’s PEAK program aims to maintain an engineer’s professional knowledge, skills, competence and professionalism through continuing professional development (CPD).

Overview of the PEAK Program

UPDATEThe Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program continues to be optional for licence holders. However, PEO intends to implement a mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) program based on the PEAK program. The current target for the launch of the mandatory CPD program is January 2023. Further details on this initiative, including timing, program elements and requirements will be provided as information become available. 

The PEAK program is designed to help PEO licence holders (both practising and non-practising) remain competent as engineers through completion of the continuing professional development program’s three elements: practice evaluation, ethics module and continuing knowledge declaration. Continuing professional development for licence holders is in keeping with PEO’s regulatory, public protection mandate as set out in the Professional Engineers Act.

While the PEAK program is currently voluntary, licence holders’ completion statuses are posted on the PEO directory, reset every year and updated daily.


Accessing the Program

The PEAK program applies to PEO professional engineers and limited licence holders. Engineering interns (EITs) and provisional or temporary licence holders do not need to complete the PEAK program.

To access the PEAK program anytime, licence holders must log in to their PEO portal account and select the “PEAK” menu to start. Here, they can update their practice status, change other practice-related information and responses, complete the ethics module, and report their continuing knowledge hours for the year.

PEAK updates will be posted online one business day after licence holders complete their PEAK program elements as the system updates overnight. PEAK completion statuses are posted on the publicly-visible PEO directory of practitioners, updated daily, and reset every licence period.



View a licence holder’s practice status and participation statuses for the PEAK program for the holder’s current licence period

PEO Licence Holders

Complete the program (only professional engineers and limited licence holders)


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