Limited Licence

A limited licence is issued to an individual who, as a result of at least eight years of specialized experience, has developed competence in a certain area of professional engineering.

Changes coming to the Limited Licence

The required documents to apply for the Limited Licence will change as of May 15, 2023. Current Limited Licence applicants will continue their licensing process as normal until further notice.

Please continue to monitor this webpage and the FARPACTA webpage for more information as it becomes available.

As per Regulation 941, Section 45, the practice of professional engineering by the holder of the limited licence must be limited to the services specified in the limited licence

Application/Submission requirements

To qualify for a limited licence, an applicant:

  • must hold a three-year degree or diploma in an engineering, technology or science program or have equivalent educational qualifications, with knowledge that corresponds to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence. You will need to arrange for your academic transcript to be sent directly from the respective university/institution ;
  • must pass the National Professional Practice Examination;
  • must demonstrate that they are of good character;
  • must pay the applicable fees;
  • must demonstrate at least eight years of experience in the practice of professional engineering
    • with at least six years of the experience corresponding to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence, and

    • at least four of those six years’ experience acquired in a Canadian jurisdiction under the supervision of one or more people legally authorized to engage in the practice of professional engineering in a Canadian jurisdiction.


When submitting your application, please include:

  • A completed limited licence application
  • A copy of your proof of identity. Please use of the following official documents: Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizen card/certificate (both sides), permanent resident card (both sides) or From IMM 1000 of record of landing
  • A copy of your up-to-date experience record (Refer to our Guide to the Required Experience for a Limited Licence in Ontario)
  • Payment of application fee: ·$360 + HST = $406.80 (Please do not provide a cheque or money order at this time, PEO will inform you when a payment is required and provide information on how to pay online.)

Please submit your application package by email to:


What to expect (timelines)

Limited Licence Estimated time Process
  8 months + Application Review and Assessment

Basic Steps:

- Submission of Application with Payment

- Academic Requirements Committee Review

- Character References

- Experience Requirements Interview ( Allow sufficient time for scheduling the interview )

- Professional Practice Exam ( Offered: 3/yr )

- Final Approval

    Note: Allow +/- 8 weeks for mailing of Stamp/Certificate after final approval and fees paid