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Applications, Forms and Guides

Note: All PEO fees have changed as of May 1, 2019. Applications received after this date, as well as examinations, are subject to the new fees. Annual renewals of all licences, certificates of authorization, engineering intern membership, and consulting engineer designations invoiced after May 1, 2019 will reflect the new rates. Click here for PEO’s fee schedule as of May 1, 2019.

Please note: The following forms and applications marked with an asterix* can be filled out electronically.


Professional Engineer Licence

  1. Licensing Guide and Application for Licence* (Please note: Application fees paid via credit cards will NOT be accepted. Please send your payment via cheque, money order or draft.) 
  2. Guide to the Required Experience for Licensing as Professional Engineer in Ontario
  3. Engineering Experience Guide & Form (Word)
  4. Experience Summary Page (Word)
  5. Experience Referee List (Word)
  6. Pregraduation Experience Record Guide
  7. Pregraduation Experience Record Form (Word) 
  8. Your Rights and Obligations as an Applicant - updated March, 2012
  9. Guide–Do I need a licence?
  10. Translation or Certification Statements that may be used by Professional Engineers

Temporary Licence

  1. Temporary Licence Requirements, Guide and Application*

Limited Licence

  1. Limited Licence Application*
  2. Guide to the Required Experience for a Limited Licence in Ontario

Provisional Licence

  1. Provisional Licence: A Public Information Guide

Certificate of Authorization

  1. Application for Certificate of Authorization*
  2. Application for Renewal of Certificate of Authorization*
  3. Certificate of Authorization Requirements: An Information Guide
  4. List of Insurers providing Liability Insurance - updated May 20, 2015
  5. Advertising Information for Certificate of Authorization Holders
  6. Guide–Do I need a certificate of authorization?
  7. Sample Disclosure Notice

Consulting Designation

  1. Application for Designation as a Consulting Engineer* - updated May, 2011
  2. Redesignation as a Consulting Engineer (Renewal)* - updated May, 2011
  3. Permission to Use "Consulting Engineers" or Variation Approved by Council* (Application)


  1. Use of the Professional Engineer's Seal Guideline
  2. P.Eng. Wall Certificate Replacement Form*
  3. Stamp/Seal Order Form*


  1. Making a Complaint: A Public Information Guide
  2. Fillable Complaint Form (Save form to your computer before you fill it out)
  3. Complaint Form (Print form and fill out by hand)


  1. Fee Remissions Policy
  2. EIT Fee Remission Declaration Form*
  3. Financial Credit Program Application
  4. Resignation of EIT Membership*
  5. Volunteer Expense Report


  1. Reinstatement Requirements: An Information Guide