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Ontario Professional Engineers Awards

About the OPEA

Since 1947, the Ontario Professional Engineers Awards (OPEA) have recognized professional engineers in Ontario who have made outstanding contributions to their profession and their community. PEO and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers are proud to honour the very best of engineering community at an annual awards gala in November.

The OPEA recognize outstanding individuals for engineering excellence and community service. Engineering Medals are presented for Engineering Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Management, Research and Development, and Young Engineer, in addition to the Citizenship Award and the premier award, the Professional Engineers Gold Medal.

In 2015, a new honour was added to the awards program. The Ontario Professional Engineers Award for Engineering Project or Achievement pays tribute to an endeavour that has made a significant, positive impact on society, industry, and/or engineering, and that was conceived, designed and executed with significant input by Ontario engineers.

Please note that new and improved nomination forms for each OPEA category are now available. Nominations for the OPEAs are accepted until the final Wednesday in February every year.

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Award Categories

  • The Gold Medal - The Gold Medal is the premier award of the association. It recognizes conscientious commitment to public service, technical excellence and outstanding professional leadership.

    The Gold Medal sculpture provides a fitting tribute to such excellence. Its design represents the forces of nature, harnessed by engineers for the benefit of society.

  • The Engineering Medal- recognizes professional engineers who have improved our quality of life through the ingenious application of their engineering skills. Recipients' achievements are significantly above the normally high standards of the profession. The presentation of this award is also aimed at furthering public understanding of the professional engineer's role in society. The Engineering Medal is awarded in the following categories:
    • Engineering Excellence - recognizing overall excellence in the practice of engineering, where the innovative application of engineering knowledge and principles has solved a unique problem, led to advanced products, or produced above-average results.
    • Management - for managing and directing engineering projects or enterprises, where innovative management practice has contributed significantly to the overall excellence of the engineering achievement.
    • Research and Development - for using new knowledge in developing useful, novel applications, or advancing engineering knowledge or applied science, or discovering or extending any of the engineering or natural sciences.
    • Entrepreneurship - for applying new technologies or innovative approaches that have enabled new companies to get started, and/or assisted established companies to grow in new directions. The engineer should have demonstrated the initiative, energy and spirit it takes to seek out new ideas and to take a leading role in fostering and promoting them.
    • Young Engineer Award - for outstanding young Ontario engineers, who have made exceptional achievements in their chosen fields. To be eligible for nomination in the Young Engineer Award category, a candidate must:
      - be no older than 35 years of age as of December 31 in the year the nomination is submitted; and
      - have demonstrated excellence, not only in career, but also in community and professional participation.

    The design of this unique sculpture signifies the relationship between engineering excellence and the well-being of society. It features a brass triangle symbolizing engineering innovation balancing atop a frosted glass disk representing the natural or social environment.

  • The Citizenship Award - recognizes a professional engineer's contributions to public service. Those who earn this award have given freely of their time, professional experience and engineering expertise - to the benefit of humanity.

    The brass statuette at the centre of this graceful sculpture stands with open arms encircled by two orbs of polished and brushed aluminum. The orbs symbolize the community and society as a whole.

  • Award for Engineering Project or Achievement - New to the awards program in 2015, the Ontario Professional Engineers Award for Engineering Project or Achievement pays tribute to an endeavour that has made a significant, positive impact on society, industry, and/or engineering, and that was conceived, designed and executed with significant input by Ontario engineers. 

    The tall, triangular prism-shaped sculpture signifies the importance of teamwork in the profession. The design features dual, interlocking cogs, which symbolize collaboration in engineering, in addition to three individuals reaching toward the sky in celebration.

Winners by Year

Winners by Category


Nominations may be made in either the professional (the Gold Medal, the Engineering Medal and the Award for Engineering Project or Achievement) or civic division (the Citizenship Award). To be considered within the professional division, nominations must indicate a significant level of engineering content. Civic division awards are made to recognize the achievements of professional engineers in fields other than engineering.

The Awards Committee may move a nomination from one division or category to another, if it considers this to be more appropriate than the original submission.

The Ontario Professional Engineers Awards are presented annually. The nomination deadline is 4:00 p.m. EST on the last Wednesday in February; however, nominations may be submitted any time during the year. Nominations submitted after the deadline may be considered, with or without changes, before the deadline for the following year’s program, at the request of the lead nominator.

Completed nomination packages should be submitted to: awards@peo.on.ca or via mail to:

The Awards Committee
Professional Engineers Ontario
40 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 101
Toronto, ON M2N 6K9

To nominate an engineer, please consult the following:

To nominate an engineering project or achievement, please consult the following:

*Note: all nomination form signatures must be hand written. No electronic signatures, please.


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