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The Temporary Licence

Note: All PEO fees have changed as of May 1, 2019. Applications received after this date, as well as examinations, are subject to the new fees. Annual renewals of all licences, certificates of authorization, engineering intern membership, and consulting engineer designations invoiced after May 1, 2019 will reflect the new rates. Click here for PEO’s fee schedule as of May 1, 2019.

The Temporary Licence is issued on a project and discipline basis for a maximum period of twelve months from approval. However, only one Certificate of Authorization is required.

In order to understand the requirements for a Temporary Licence, the principal object of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario should be kept in mind. The association is responsible under the Professional Engineers Act, for 'regulat(ing) the practice of professional engineering' (Act, Section 2.(3)). Reference should be made to Sections 12, 15, 17, 18, 28, 34 and 40 of the Act and Sections 42, 43, 44, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 74 of Ontario Regulation 941.

The Requirements for a Temporary Licence are:

Canadian residents (outside of Ontario):

  • Filing of complete applications and payment of fees for Temporary Licence(s) and Certificate of Authorization.
  • Written verification of registration or membership with another provincial Association/Ordré must be received by the association directly from the respective Association/Ordre.
  • Proof of liability insurance as required by the Regulations.
  • Proof of citizenship.

Non-Canadian residents:

  1. Filing of complete applications and payment of fees for Temporary licence(s) and Certificate of Authorization.
  2. (a) Qualifications equal to those required for the issuance of a licence as a member; or wide recognition in the field of engineering in respect of the work for which a Temporary Licence is requested and not less than ten years of experience in said field.
    (b) Original academic transcripts listing all courses and marks for the attainment of the university engineering bachelor's degree must be received by the association directly from the respective university.
    (c) Written verification of registration with a professional engineering board of registration or other organization with functions similar to those of the association, must be received by the association directly from the respective board of registration (if applicable).
  3. Collaboration with a licensed member of the association is required to ensure that the engineering work complies with Canadian and Ontario codes, standards, and laws governing the work. All final drawings, reports, etc., must be co-signed and sealed by the collaborator. Also, collaborators must write directly to the Registrar confirming their willingness to act as collaborators.
  4. Proof of liability insurance as required by the Regulations.The Professional Engineers Act of Ontario now permits: a citizen of Canada; or a permanent resident of Canada to apply for a Licence as a member of the association. For more information, please contact the association.

Guide to Completion of Application for Temporary Licence

Page One of Application

  1. Personal - The full legal name of the applicant requesting the Temporary Licence must be given. If, for any reason, the name which appears on any documentation, academic or other, received by the association in support of your application for a Temporary Licence, differs from the information provided on the application it will be necessary to provide official legal documentation accordingly.
  2. Residence - The complete permanent residence address, together with postal or zip code, must be provided. You are requested to indicate your preference regarding the mailing address to be used by the association when corresponding with you (i.e., home or office).
  3. Academic - For applicants who are not registered as a professional engineers in another Province or Territory of Canada, an official academic transcript must be sent to the association (Attention to: The Registrar, Temporary Licence Division) and must come directly from the respective university/institution. Student copies are not acceptable.
  4. Employment - It is important that the full legal name and address of the applicant’s present employer be provided clearly. Do not abbreviate the employer’s legal name. Providing an inaccurate company name will delay the processing of your application.
  5. Professional - List only the organizations in which registration or membership is held, which have functions similar to those of the association (i.e., another regulatory body). Applicants who are residents of Canada are requested to have their Associations/Ordre; confirm in writing to this office their current membership.

Page Two of Application

  1. Project Identification - It is essential that question 1(a) through (f) be completed in full. Failure to provide detailed information will delay the processing of your application. Please pay attention to legal and proper names. Provide as completely as possible: (a) the details of the project (i.e., owner, dimensions, type of facility, and occupancy, intended use, new or modification, etc.); (b) sufficient details regarding the specific engineering services to be rendered by the applicant, and (c) reference to specific codes where applicable. Descriptions of engineering services should make reference to the design, analysis, evaluation or other engineering services to be provided. If necessary, a cover letter may be included with the application.
  2. Experience - Please submit a detailed, typed experience summary with special attention to your engineering activities together with the application.
  3. Signature - Once signed and submitted to the offices of the association, the Application for a Temporary Licence is an official document. Your attention is drawn to Section 41(2) of the Act, concerning offence for false representation.


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