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Work Experience Requirements

You are encouraged to download the following guide and forms to record your engineering experience as you earn it. 

Engineering Work Experience

Click here for an overview of PEO’s engineering work experience requirements.

Ontario law requires that you have four years of engineering work experience before you can obtain your professional engineering licence. At least one year of your experience must be obtained in a Canadian jurisdiction. This ensures that you have sufficient exposure to Canadian engineering codes, legislation, technical standards and regulations.

PEO evaluates each applicant’s engineering experience against five quality-based criteria:

  • application of theory;
  • practical experience;
  • management of engineering;
  • communication skills; and
  • awareness of the social implications of engineering.

To become licensed, an applicant must demonstrate a minimum of 48 months of verifiable, acceptable engineering experience gained after completion of their undergraduate engineering degree.

How to record engineering work experience

You are encouraged to download the following guide and forms to record your engineering experience as you earn it. 

Pregraduation Experience

PEO considers experience gained before graduation when assessing the quality of the required four years of satisfactory engineering experience. You may be credited with a maximum of 12 months of experience if you have a postgraduate engineering degree or degrees in the same or similar discipline as the undergraduate degree.

Please note that:

  • only pregraduation engineering experience gained after the mid-point of the bachelor's degree course is eligible for assessment;
  • a maximum of 12 months is eligible for assessment; and
  • pregraduation experience cannot be credited in lieu of the required minimum 12 months of Canadian experience.

How to record pregraduation experience

You are encouraged to download the following guide and form to record your experience as you earn it. Keep these records until after your graduation, at which time you should attach them to your application.

When should I apply for my P.Eng. Licence?

You do not have to wait to acquire your work experience before you apply for your licence. In fact, applying early - directly after graduation or immediately upon landing in Ontario - can result in savings of approximately $400 through PEO’s Engineering Intern Financial Credit Program. Under the program, graduates of bachelor of engineering programs accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) and international engineering graduates with a bachelor of engineering or a bachelor of applied science degree may be eligible to apply for the professional engineer (P.Eng.) licence at no cost. They may also be registered in the Engineering Intern Training (EIT) program for the first year at no cost, provided they meet eligibility criteria established by PEO.


If you have questions regarding experience requirements, email Experience@peo.on.ca.